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Automatic Backlink Creator Review My Personal Opinion and Rankin

The ABC 3K Plugin by Greg is a Fully Automated Link Building WordPress Plugin that gives you access to Thousands of webpages on the network across various Pagerank and IP addresses.

It's very simple to use, but does it work? Let's find out in this case study:

The setup:

35 Squidoo Lenses

100 "link slots" alloted for each url (with one max of 500); plans can go as high as 10,000 link slots with custom ones available. Total slots used = 34 x 100 + 500 = 3900

Track rankings before and after. Although Squidoo is a web 2.0 property it is a great indicator if a link building service works or not. Here are the exact lenses used and their breakdown. You can view the breakdown via the image below: Click Image to Enlarge

You can follow this case study via video if you like to see my beard's growth case study as well

The case study started on April 2nd, 2012 and these are the results on April 12th, 2012. In only 11 days we see a total of 430 rank improvements in Google (Yahoo and Bing increases were negligible in comparison and left out)

38.69% Increase in Organic Search Traffic. April 2 - April 12 2012 compared to the previous week:

Great, but does this increase sales? Automatic Backlink Creator drives more targeted organic leads (long tail as well; while honda motorcycle keychains didn't increase for it's primary term we started to get longtail phrases such as "keychains for motorcycles" which converted these sales). Below image shows in this short time span we got 3 sales from two of the lenses involved in the case study:

What the ABC backend looks like. You install the plugin on your WordPress site for access to the network.

Conclusion: In a relatively short period of time ABC has shown it absolutely does work as advertised. As you know we don't label these as pure "reviews" since the data does not lie; we are objective but do not rely on what we "think" as that is meaningless to the results. Customer support is excellent and Greg is really a top notch guy in the IM field; very creative, and what he has created here works.

>> You can still grab the plugin at the Special Discount Offer but it won't last much longer<<

Who should use ABC? I would recommend it to any website that is profitable. If you are going to spend $27 - $70ish dollars a month on this program it's important your ROI is justified, but you are smart and this is preaching to the choir . I hope you enjoyed this thorough non biased case study and ask that you comment, like, and suggest future ones as well. If you are interested in Squidoo, we have an earnings case study we are working on which will shine some light on this successful platform.

Nothing happens until you make it happen,

Dan and Matt Anton


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